It's that time....we are doing a TOMS giveaway... AGAIN! Last time we gave away a super cute purple print pair of TOMS to a follower, friend and sweet girl!!! Now it's time for another chance to win a FREE pair of TOMS! 
Just follow these four easy steps!!! We will randomly select the winner using random number generator on Sunday October 2!

1. Like us on facebook
2. Follow us on twitter
2. Follow our blog (you can follow on bloglovin' or google friend connect which ever you prefer)
3. Leave a comment on the blog, stating your favorite thing about m.marie and your favorite color/style of TOMS!

Feel free to share this with your friends the more the merrier! Have a great weekend! Happy posting :)

<3 m


  1. oh this is awesome! I have been wanting Toms for so long. I liked you on FB (Heather Baham), follow you on twitter (Hfbaham), and follow the blog. I love the idea of the gameday dresses! the leopard toms are adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'd LOVE to win a pair of TOMS! I've been wanting them for so long! I love that you sell clothes that I can't always find in the mall. You always have the latest trends, but not too trendy that they'd be in Forever 21.

    I follow you on Bloglovin', I liked you on Facebook (Sarah Kinonen) and I follow you on Twitter (@sarahkinonen)!

  3. You're store is so cute, I love the updates even though I am hardly ever in WH :) Cari got me an adorable dress from your store for my B-day since I loved the clothes so much! Liked/followed all 3!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the burlap TOMS, need to get them regardless :)

    (p.s. no making fun of my AIM name I signed this post as, I haven't gotten on AIM in years and it was the only password I could guess correctly ha, my email is google but it based off clemson so i couldn't log into that)

    -Sarah Herrington

  4. Hi! I'm all the way in California and have never been to the store! But, I found your blog awhile back ago and have been following it ever since. I, myself am dreaming of having my own boutique one day and have found your blog so inspiring!
    My favorite TOMS are a tie between the burlap and the crocheted!!!
    Jaclyn Hubler

  5. I love looking at your pictures on facebook, you have such good taste in clothing and such in your store! I wish I was closer so I could actually visit your store... But WV is a little far. lol
    I have liked and followed fb, twitter and the blog & I have to say I love the black glitters! :)

  6. liked on fb (shea walter) & follow on google reader & will be following on twitter shortly (sheawalter).
    i'd love a pair of black. i'd splatter them with gold paint and wear them for game days. GO KNIGHTS!! :)

  7. OMG. Your boutique is amazing and I wish i could own every item in it! Love love love. I like you on FB, follow on twitter and your blog. My favorite things about m.marie is that you always have the latest trends and im always updated via FB!! And i adore the burlap TOMS. Soo cute! <3

  8. I am following you on facebook (for awhile now!), twitter, and on my google account through blogger.com. I love your blog so much, you and your boyfriend seem to go on the best trips and have so much fun together. Plus, you give me great inspiration for style. I wish i lived near your store so I could shop there allll the time! But my loves about m.marie are your devotion to the project of TOMS and all the good that comes out of it, and also that you seem to choose the most updated and fashionable yet affordable and perfectly styled for the young adult generation. There is not one thing I could find in your store that I wouldn't buy. Everything works well with each other and the styles range in laid back hippie, to modern chic. Aka perfect for everyone!!
    I am obsessed with TOMS so this giveaway is right up my ally! I love their Highlands Black Women's Botas. It's great that they are expanding their styles from the classics, even though I love the classics in ash (wish i had a pair), but the botas are by far my favorite. I have wanted TOMS since, I think, around 2008 but I never had the money to get a pair. I hope I win the giveaway, that would be fantastic!! :)

  9. sweet! Toms are so comfy and cool. I like the ones in the photo, size 7. Love the store too, it's so hip for the haven! Thanks for this chance to win! super fun. :)

  10. Such a fun giveaway! I am following on Twitter, Facebook, and GFC. I have never been to your shop, but I love your dress selection. There are so many great options. I really like the TOMS Classic Snow Leopard and the black women's glitter. So fun!

  11. I am following on Facebook - ktkatherine
    I am following on twitter - @fashfrugality
    I am following on bloglovin.
    My favorite thing about m marie is your cool tshirts! They are total throwbacks but with updated style!
    My favorite style of TOMS is the Morocco Women's Vegan Classics!
    fashionfrugality at gmail.com

  12. I love m.marie flowy styles, and I love the printed toms. pmgiglia@yahoo.com

  13. m.marie is amazing. Every-time I wear something I have bought in your store someone complements me on it! I also love that you have shipping since it is difficult going to the store when I live in Tallahassee. I have never owned a pair of Toms but they always look so cute on everybody, no matter what their style.


  14. I'm so glad one of my facebook friends posted about you guys, just found you today and loving looking at all of your albums of cuteness.

    1. I liked the facebook page (and I truly do like it ;] )-Stephanie Cunningham
    2. I started following on twitter - Steffski
    3. I am subscribed to the blog through blogger/google reader
    4. I looooove all of the game day dresses and wish there we more FSU ones. Favorite Toms are so hard to choose, but I must say that I adore the black crochet and the ash canvas

  15. love that m. marie carries the cutest rompers! Each one that I've seen I'm crazy about...especially the navy and lace one just posted. It's perfect for the fall weather (even winter for central florida). I'm very excited about the TOMS giveaway also...such a great idea. My favorite style of TOMS are the wedges...very comfortable and perfect for dressing up just a little bit :)


  16. Followed all the steps (Kyle Sbaratta on FB and @ksbaratta on Twitter)!!! And a TOMS giveaway is such a great idea! I LOVE the sparkly ones and have been meaning to pick up a pair.

    I love reading your blog because it keeps me up to date with cute trends and gives me really great ideas for outfits to put together!!

  17. Liked on facebook (Kyra Thompson), followed on twitter (kyramarie97), & also here.

    I literally just found about m.marie, but I look forward to making some purchases! You guys are exactly my style :)

    I adore the TOMS already picture!

  18. Thanks ladies for all your lovely comments :) We will pick the winner on Sunday so tell all your friends... it's not too late to get involved!!! <3 m

  19. Let's see...my favorite thing about m.marie would have to be Jacob (and the homepage of course!!)


  20. -Liked on Facebook
    -Following on Twitter (susanisahoe)
    -Following this blog

    I absolutely love your store! Great personal, customer service and the clothing and accessories that you have there are so stylish and so different. Literally anyone with different tastes can buy something at m.marie! Plus, Jake and Daisy are adorable. <3

    My favorite TOMS are the burlap ones :D

  21. Liked on facebook, following on twitter and GFC, and I although I am new to M.Marie, I love the photographs used in the posts I have read. And as far as the Tom's go, I am loving the Tyler Ramsey Artist style...so neat and unique!

  22. Hi there! I liked you on fb (mary lui) and am your newest follower on GFC! I don't have a twitter account... hope that doesn't disqualify me :\ Love your outfits and the Zig Zag gameday dress (even tho I'm not a UF fan!) My favorite TOMS are the Bottle Green Cord classics. Thank you! <3

  23. Thanks everyone for participating! We still have a few more days to enter so tell all your TOMS loving friends :) <3 m

  24. I follow your blog through google friend connect!

  25. I just found your blog, but I like the dresses in your shop. I just heard about TOMS, so I don't know all the colors/styles. I really like the ones in the photo though!

  26. Following on Facebook- Alex Given
    Following on Twitter- alexhaileygiven
    Following on bloglovin'
    I love your store, the whole ambiance is so chill and I love seeing your dogs.
    My favorite TOMS have to be the Charcoal Chambray Women's Cordones.

  27. My favorite thing abou your store is that it is so cute and unique! Keep up the good work. I can tell that you have put a lot of work into your store, and that you love what you do!
    My favorite Toms are the classic Navy ones :)

  28. I've already been a fan on facebook and following you on twitter for a while, but now I'm also following using my google account! :)

    My favorite thing about m.marie is the fact that I want to own nearly everything you sell (though that's probably my wallet's least favorite thing...) Most stores I go in, there's a few things here and there that I like or could see myself wearing, but at m.marie I just think everything is adorable.

    My favorite Toms are the classics in nearly every color, but particularly black and navy.

  29. My fav thing about m.marie is M.MARIE!!! Meghan, you're amazing. I'm so proud of all you've accomplished and so excited for the future you're gonna create for yourself. Congrats on all your success!!! Miss you!

    Love, Tonya B