After Surf Expo, we high tailed it up to Atlanta, GA for the Gift market (largest show in the industry) and it was BIG! Super long weekend, full of memories and of course great things to come for m.marie! We got to bring some things back with us but most things take a few months. That means... great things to look forward to! I am super excited about new brands we have coming to m.marie and of course our new Angle Court Jewels, I have their booth pictured (one of my favs from the show) and a few other pics from another new brand that makes t-shirts and wine bottle candles (Ya Ya Club, more to come on this company, you will love)! I mean LOVE! I hope you all had a fun filled fab weekend! We have lots of behind the scenes pics on our instagram and twitter, we would love for you to follow us! @lovemmarie

<3 m


  1. Everything looks great dear =)


  2. I loved going to that with my sister. we had so much fun!! Beautiful Stuff.

  3. I wish I would've been at the Gift Market. Looks amazing. Your basket was pretty full in this pic, but I'm sure it filled up more! :) JEalous!

    - The Fashionable ESQ

    1. Oh ya girl! That basket filled up quite easily! Haha lots of great (good priced) jewelry for the shop! xx