Cafe TuTu Tango thats all I have to say! 
Starting off with a carafe of the best red sangria, followed by -out of this world- tapas, and wrapping the night up with memories I'll remember for a lifetime :)

a little bit of belly dancing...

a little bit of art...

a little bit of jewelry design by Angela Ramos... Her pieces will be sold at m.marie in the near future! 

I fell in LOVE with this piece "Namaste"

How can bananas be so tasty? Banana Pizza, Cinnamon flatbread topped with streusel, fresh bananas, banana-walnut ice cream, caramel sauce and whip cream... WOW.
Cheesecake Lollipops anyone?? Creamy cheesecake, graham cracker crust, dipped in dark chocolate.OMG heaven on a stick!

I had to make it mine :) 

 Cheers to GNO. 

Babe if your reading... please take me on a date here... pretty please!

<3 M

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  1. Hey babe, it's a date how about next week?