I know what your thinking.... why skydiving?!
Well JAY, if your reading this, it's all your fault :)
A friend of mine, Jay, posted something on FB about going skydiving. He managed to get 12 of us out there and we had a blast! From that moment on I wanted to go solo. Within weeks of the tandem jump, Christina (<--- link to her blog) and I were jumping solo! I can't wait for more...it is the most addicting, craziest hobby I've taken on but I love it. To date I have 8 solo jumps and the number is slowly growing :)

pictures from my first tandem skydive :) @ Jump Florida in Lake Wales, Florida.

  My last jump to finish the AFF course (accelerated free fall course)!

Below are pictures from my 8th jump in Mulberry, Florida, my first time jumping from a twin otter!

<3 M

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  1. OMG. Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?! ;) ...I know why!

    See you for lunch!