My first Project Restyle! I had these blessing rings hanging around from Whitney Howard Designs and wanted to make use of them :) They could be used for a number of things including necklaces, keychains and etc. Here's how I restyled mine into bracelets!

Here's what you need...
Blessing ring(s) of your choice, chain (aprox. 12-14" depending on wrist size), two large jump rings, two small jump rings, two lobster clasps and the two small jewelry making tools (used for opening jump rings). Everything is double since I made two.

Step one: attach large jump rings to sides of blessing rings
Step two: attach chain to large jump rings (can be your choice of chain and length can vary)
Step three: attach small jump ring with lobster clasp to the end of chain
Step four: attach to arm :) all finished! 

This is only the beginning :)

<3 M 


  1. nice photo group...WITH TEXT ;) you're getting good at this!
    Oh, and I love the background.

  2. Hey. This is Whitney and Howard. We totally love what you made. Very cool. Pick a key and we'll send it to you. See what you can do with that. Keep in touch.