Top: RVCA, available at m.marie, Shorts: Free People, available at m.marie, Silver snap bracelet: Liquid Metal, available at m.marie too! 

 I am a compulsive shopper and it's time for me to go on a spending freeze!!! Think I can do it?! Even if I put myself on a budget, I spend the whole budget and then talk myself into something else that I supposedly "need"...  I have decided to cut my credit card up and all!!! Is this even possible? I always hear of people talking about it, budget shopping, only buying things on sale etc etc.... can it actually be done?! I feel like I am a character in the next Shopaholic! I read the series when I was in college and I can totally relate, I bet most of you could too! When you walk into a store it's like the clothes talk to you haha "buy me buy me"... well, here goes, day one of my spending freeze! I am going to freeze it until my trip on July 3rd, that's exactly 14 days...it's not much but it's a start!!! 

Here's to 14 days of outfit posts with things I already own! :)

<3 M

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