I needed this today... doing a little cleaning I stumbled across a few words of inspiration...

"I think you are special in the way that you adapt & handle situations I admire you ability to brush things off & smile- don't ever loose that. Be who you are & don't get too wrapped up... there is a whole world of opportunities out there waiting for you to explore them. -Ali" 

Ali-Alabama-Hollywood-, whatever her nickname was... she was/is a awesome friend. I met Ali in college while working at Divas and Devils (Michelle's boutique). Ali is someone who leaves an impact on your life, someone who makes you think, and  makes you feel positive. She gave me this little notepad as a gift, for my "todo lists" haha, I would always loose them, forget them or you know. I was cleaning out a box from college and found this little pink butterfly notepad with this note still in the front. Three years later, the words came back when I needed them the most. Be you.

Amelia, me, Michelle, and Ali 

I'm sure we can all apply these positive words to our lives. Keep your head up and your hopes high for there is a world of opportunities out there waiting for you...

Thanks Ali, for your inspiration... three years later :) 

<3 m

ps Amelia- and Mich... your next!