Getting in the Christmas spirit! Sifting through my art and crafts stuff (more like pile/mess) I came across these flowers that I used in another project. My mind starting rolling after my friend posted about covering everything in hemp. You can check out her post here. So adorable! And.. to my surprise all supplies I already had (the hoarder in me, actually put to use!) YAY Bring on the flower child Christmas tree!

All you need are a few supplies :) Let the flower child decorations begin!
1. Faux flowers of your choice found at any craft store, wal-mart etc.
 (Can I talk about how much I hate Wal-mart esp. during this time of year?! Yet I find myself there at least once a week getting something! Hate is a strong word but how else do you word Wal-mart during the Holidays?!)
2. Hot glue gun (necessity) 
3. Leather (what I used, but any type of twine or string will do)
4. Hemp (faux hemp is what I used it's not the real thing but it works)

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  1. So cute =)


  2. OOOooh I love this DIY! So fun! I have this snowflake one i need to try :)

    love from San Francisco,

  3. Cute! What a unique idea - I would have never thought to put flowers on a Chrismtas tree :D Following you on bloglovin and twitter!

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  4. Ohh really cute and pretty! So nice for the Christmas Tree! ^^

    God Bless you~~

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  5. WOW, that is so beautiful! You are so creative!

    Would love it if you visit my blog when you have time ;)

  6. This is so fabulous. What a great Idea!!!