Have you heard of Polk Kids Directory?! If you live in the polk area it is a new a upcoming magazine geared towards kids activities, family events, and more. It's FREE and it's really really cute! :) Check out my recent article in the December issue geared toward the mommies out there! I hope it provides a little inspiration to re-use and outfit you already have this Winter season.

Re-style & Re- wear

Still in love with that same cocktail dress you wore this summer?! Well that’s ok ladies, you can turn your summer dress into a fall spectacular! As we all know, money is tight right now, but if you splurged on an amazing summer cocktail dress here’s a few tips on how you can get more use in the Fall and Winter months. There are so many options out there but here are a few simple tips.
  1. Tights or leggings instantly turn a dress from Summer to Winter. There are so many different types of tights out there too! They have cute patterns, colors and more. I choose the classic black which I tend to wear the most, but I also choose classic black because my dress is floral and I didn’t want to take away from pretty floral print!
  2. Fall/Winter means closed toe shoes! One of the biggest fashion faux pas I see in the Winter months is open toed shoes. It just doesn’t look right wearing warm clothes yet your little toes are out there in the cold. So, switch from those strappy wedges to a boot, closed toe wedge or a classic pump!
  3. Throw on a jacket! I wore my motorcycle jacket (I like being a little edgy) but if your going for a classier look invest in a nice versatile pea coat. Not only will you look classy you’ll be warm too! I am a stickler in the cold months, I don’t sacrifice cute for cold, I’d rather be warm any day! 
So... Here’s a few of my favorite tips and how I wore my summer cocktail dress in the Winter. Now your turn, go through your closet and you don’t have to put those cute dresses in the back, bring them out and get some use out of that money you spent :)  Re-vamp, re-style and re-wear! 

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p.s. I am working on the January article as we speak... stay tuned :)


  1. Good ideas! We are lucky enough to have warmer winters here where we can get away with tights and shorts - which I love. You look adorable :) I love messy buns.

    The Fashionable ESQ


  2. Awesome!


  3. WOW how cool is that to be in a magazine? Love this post because I am guilty of only wearing things once. Adding tights, different shoes and even a jacket is a good reminder I can wear things over and over agian.