Elyse got her TOMS and sent me this super cute pic!!! Thanks Elyse :) 

She participated in our TOMS giveaway, and was the lucky winner! 

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sunnies: Ray Ban, top: UNIF, shorts: Siwy, boots: Minnetoka

take some time to remember those who have lost their lives fighting for us...have a safe and happy memorial day...

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Get Rachel Bilson's look.... black leather shorts!

Get them at m.marie today! 

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In the latest "VOGUE" magazine, June 2011....  the story read: 

"Some like it hot... Can't steal away this summer? Bring the beach to the city with skin-revealing dresses and totes the color of the sandy dunes, golden sunburst earrings, and tortoiseshell shades that put you in a vacation of mind."

the featured Odylyne dress, $297.00

get the look from m.marie for $49.99... and even better, in two different colors! 

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Three of my favorite TOMS in-store, right now ;)

classic red <3

brown/cream linen stripped with rope detail <3

classic burlap <3

For those who don't know what TOMS is/or stands for: 

TOMS- the power of One for One... In 2006 American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in a village in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that wold match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. ♥

Check out our facebook album to see what else we have! We do ship, so don't hesitate to call 863 318 9600 to get yours today! 
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I fell in LOVE with this Goorin Brothers hat a few years ago and I was able to get it for m.marie ! I hope you are as excited as I am... this is my favorite hat, seriously!
m.marie is getting it in 3 different colors this time!!! OMG

Shucking oysters- Bimini-2009. 
Photo shot with Michael Flores 2011. 

and the hat lives on...
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D.I.Y. headband <3

supplies ;)

1. Start by cutting three pieces of leather... long enough to braid and fit around your head.
2. Tie a knot and then start braiding leather (hold up to head for measurement) I usually leave enough on the ends to tie or add beads, feathers to!
3. Find a cute little or big flower and attach where ever you fancy (gorilla glue or hot glue works).

I have a super cute feather look too! Stay tuned...

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Just wanted to share three of my favorite things in the shop now :)

1. Greylin: black and white stripped maxi dress
2. Blank: high-waisted jean shorts
3. Aryn K.: Marigold yellow, ruffle back tank

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I've been in the crafty mood lately...obvi. As I was playing around in my work room I came across this basket full of seed beads! My mind started rolling on all the possibilities... and the project began. I sort of just made it up as I went along :) If your interested in DIY (doing it yourself), here are a few things you will need:

1. seed beads (any colors you want)
2. a small metal bar, that I attached to small jump rings to (I actually used an earring post for making earrings and just curled up the little loops on each end to hold the jump rings)
3. regular ole' clear fishing line
4. small jewelry making tools 
5. chain and/or leather to make the "necklace" part

and the fun began...

I ran out of chain so I used leather (below) to finish...

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My first Project Restyle! I had these blessing rings hanging around from Whitney Howard Designs and wanted to make use of them :) They could be used for a number of things including necklaces, keychains and etc. Here's how I restyled mine into bracelets!

Here's what you need...
Blessing ring(s) of your choice, chain (aprox. 12-14" depending on wrist size), two large jump rings, two small jump rings, two lobster clasps and the two small jewelry making tools (used for opening jump rings). Everything is double since I made two.

Step one: attach large jump rings to sides of blessing rings
Step two: attach chain to large jump rings (can be your choice of chain and length can vary)
Step three: attach small jump ring with lobster clasp to the end of chain
Step four: attach to arm :) all finished! 

This is only the beginning :)

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So...We finally reached "2000 likes" on our m.marie facebook fan page! Whoo hoo! We promised when we reach 2000 that one lucky fan would win a new pair of TOMS! Yay! We used Random.org for this random number generator! Check out the comments, HERE to see the lovely comments and who the lucky winner is :)

After using Random.org, I took a screen shot of the proof :) 

Comment #3!  Elyse Edwards Anthony you are the winner!!! Congrats :)

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New shipment of the cutest, brightest, most adorable dresses EVER from Greylin! More pictures will be up soon.... and you will LOVE the detail on each one.

Jacob: "I unpacked, steamed, and hung up these dresses all by myself..... time for a nap woof woof" :)

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