They use nuts and twine, M uses leather and beads.... I fell in love with this idea when I saw it on these blogs: Honestly WTF and I spy DIY :) 

Here is my take...

<3 M



I was a busy girl this weekend...

All necklaces and earrings were handmade by me and are one of a kind :) No two are a like and each one was made with love! I hope you enjoy! These will be in the shop for sale and they can also be shipped! More pictures of coming of each piece... stay tuned!




This weekend I am re-styling this antique printer drawer... can you guess what it will be?!

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A few weeks ago I did a DIY, and I am super excited because I inspired a friend to do it too! 

All the way from Englad :) The lovely Jules sent me a picture of her DIY! This DIY is so easy and fun all you need is scissors and a tee!

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You were caught :) But don't worry because you get 10% off your next purchase at m.marie!!! You all look fab and I love your m.marie duds! 

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Ahhh! My bandeau doesn't match and I need to cut the tag from the top! Please disregard this faux pas! 
At least I will know for next time :)
Necklace: Lucky Brand (Off the Rack for $50.00, regularly $120)
Top: Free People from m.marie (also available in off white) $68.00
Belt: Elise M from m.marie $65.00
Shorts: True Religion (2 years ago)
Boots: Frye harness boot (2 years ago)

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Today is the first day of SUMMER! What better way to celebrate than a BIG SALE at m.marie! This week, half the shop is half off... I spent my Monday (which is usually off work) getting the store ready and doing a little re-decorating :)

new side tables from Antropologie... and on SALE :) I bought these before my spending freeze heehee

new shipment of black TOMS :) 

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Top: RVCA, available at m.marie, Shorts: Free People, available at m.marie, Silver snap bracelet: Liquid Metal, available at m.marie too! 

 I am a compulsive shopper and it's time for me to go on a spending freeze!!! Think I can do it?! Even if I put myself on a budget, I spend the whole budget and then talk myself into something else that I supposedly "need"...  I have decided to cut my credit card up and all!!! Is this even possible? I always hear of people talking about it, budget shopping, only buying things on sale etc etc.... can it actually be done?! I feel like I am a character in the next Shopaholic! I read the series when I was in college and I can totally relate, I bet most of you could too! When you walk into a store it's like the clothes talk to you haha "buy me buy me"... well, here goes, day one of my spending freeze! I am going to freeze it until my trip on July 3rd, that's exactly 14 days...it's not much but it's a start!!! 

Here's to 14 days of outfit posts with things I already own! :)

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Sunnies: Ray Ban, Top: Lucca (available at m.marie), Skirt: Lucca (available at m.marie), Bag: J.J. Winters (available at m.marie), World bead bracelets: Whitney Howard Designs (available at m.marie) Leather cuff bracelet: (available at m.marie)

Check out m.marie facebook page for new arrivals, accessories and more! We are currently working on our online shop, in the meantime we do ship if there is something you can't live without! Just give us a call 863.318.9600! Have a fun weekend! 

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m.marie is days away from launching our online store!!! We are so excited :) Just need a little help here... Thanks to my friend Christina also a fellow blogger -shout out to 6 petals- and a design guru! She put these together for me and I LOVE both! yikes... I would love to hear your feed back on which you like and why!?  Both pictures (myself and Annie) were taken by Michael Flores