Mini photo shoot at my Granpas house a few nights ago, the sky was beautiful on our way to dinner so we seized the moment for a blog opp! They weather has been amazing this Winter, 70-80s during the day and 50-60s at night.... perfect! Pardon my slightly damp hair... didn't have time to blow it dry before we rushed out the door! 

Happy New Years Eve!

Fox top: Topshop UK, Pants: Blank from m.marie (available in our online shop here) Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace: House of Harlow from m.marie (available in our online shop here), Cuffs: ASOS, Clutch: Hobo International

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FINALLY got to wear my faux fur vest with out breaking a sweat :) (don't worry animal lovers I am one too, all fur worn in my blog or sold at my boutique is synthetic fur, no animals were harmed in the making of this vest) Our cool air is arriving in Fl....trying out the shorts with tights for the first time and I think I'm liking it... what do you think?! Can't wait for my New Year's post.... sequin pants here we come!!!!

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I've been neglecting my posting lately as I'm super busy with the holidays! But here's what I've been up too on instagram! A little bit of everything from sky diving to wakesurfing and all the in between! I am super thankful and excited for a new year of adventures!... (So I kinda stole the insta idea from a friends blog.... Keira has an amazing blog and she always inspires me! Check out here blog here. And I think I might have seen the "insta-lately" title or something similar on another friends blog, check hers out here! JTmiller as I always want to call her bc that's her instagram name ;) Both of these girls are super creative and inspiring!!!)

 I hope you all had a fab Christmas holiday and are all looking forward to a Happy New Year!!! 

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I worked the shop today with my little man Jacob

Wearing our new Billabong leopard jeans and my favorite Jeffrey Campbelll boots! 

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It's THREE days until Chirsitmas and I am feeling the heat! Literally and figuratively! Today's high is a whoooping 80 something degrees that's about 27 degrees celcius! Speaking of feeling the heat, I am doing my shopping today! Talk about last minute. :) 

Dress: Blue Moon (coming to m.marie soon), Boots: Frye (vintage), Necklaces: Angel Court and unknown, Rings: Vintage and unknown, Bag: JJ Winters (available upon special order)
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SO... I have a habit of finding something dressy that I really really like but... I am not a dressy person so I tend to always dress the garment down. I dunno what the deal is but here is my fit for the day :) Yep this is the jacket with the broken zipper! From the post a few days ago, I decided to try and zip it and of course I got stuck in it! Zipper half way zipped, half open, half closed, that thing wasn't going any where, hence the pictures with out the jacket... it had to be removed over my head haha. Even better it's still hot outside, going to be for a while! I was actually sweating in this jacket! It's def. a Florida Christmas! 

Jacket: m.marie (sold out), Tee: Victoria's secret (Pink collection), Skirt: m.marie (we have one left in our online shop.. here), Necklace: m.marie (House of Harlow available here), Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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Top: Free People (available at m.marie or here.) Necklace: House of Harlow available here. Leggings: Cabi, Boots: found them at a vintage store (not sure if they really are vintage but I LOVE them) Watch: Nixon, Bracelets: House of Harlow available here and here, wrap bracelets un-know designer. Ring: House of Harlow, Oversized clutch: Cleobella, actually my laptop case lol :)

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Obv. loving velvet this season... I remember when I was in high school, velvet to me was disgusting I wouldn't be caught dead in a velvet dress! haha. but now, I can't get enough of this amazing fabric. So I wore this outfit a few nights ago and had this image in my head of all the great pics I would get on our night out, until to my dismay, my camera battery was not charged! Story of my life! Off we went with no pictures to show. I just threw the outfit on again for a few pics, obv. at the wrong time of the day (hence the awful lighting) But it's ok, I can either wake up at the crack of dawn to take pictures or just show them in hideous lighting, don't judge our photography skills :)

Dress: Blue Moon, Necklace: Angel Court, Bag: JJ Winter (available upon order from m.marie), Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (my favorite boots, worn, here, here, and here recently and here over the summer, I just can't get enough of them!) Rings: House of Harlow and Lucky Brand

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Much needed GNO after work! So that means dressing up for work bc there is no going home. :) Just want to do a little shout out to these amazing pants! I love my faux waxed skinnys, they are the perfect length when un-rolled but I had the urge for some reason to roll them up, guess I wanted to show off my white ankles??!! These pants are awesome! I've worn them like 50859835908539085 times this fall/winter. Like here, used them in our fall photo shoot here (third picture omg) and probably a lot more to come! 

 I hope you all are having a fab weekend!

Top: Topshop (UK), Necklace: House of Harlow available here also available with leather instead of resin here. Pants: Blank, available here. Clutch: Hobo, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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Getting in the Christmas spirit! Sifting through my art and crafts stuff (more like pile/mess) I came across these flowers that I used in another project. My mind starting rolling after my friend posted about covering everything in hemp. You can check out her post here. So adorable! And.. to my surprise all supplies I already had (the hoarder in me, actually put to use!) YAY Bring on the flower child Christmas tree!

All you need are a few supplies :) Let the flower child decorations begin!
1. Faux flowers of your choice found at any craft store, wal-mart etc.
 (Can I talk about how much I hate Wal-mart esp. during this time of year?! Yet I find myself there at least once a week getting something! Hate is a strong word but how else do you word Wal-mart during the Holidays?!)
2. Hot glue gun (necessity) 
3. Leather (what I used, but any type of twine or string will do)
4. Hemp (faux hemp is what I used it's not the real thing but it works)

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So lucky to be involved with a local magazine... As they are diligently working on their January issue here's a sneak peak picture :) Can't wait to share my article about scarves with you! 

Top: RVCA, Scarf: Urban Outfitters (last year), Denim Leggings: m.marie, Clutch: Vintage tooled clutch (this bad boy is reversible too, doesn't get any better than that!) Boots: Sam Edelman

Want to see the first to articles? 

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House of Harlow necklace available here. Want the same necklace but a little cheaper, it's available with leather instead of resin. here.
In need of a versatile grey mini?! Check it out here.

Headed downtown a few nights ago for pizza at one of my fav restaurants...  Funny story about this jacket :) So I carry this jacket at my boutique and a friend came by to try it on. Half way zipped up the zipper broke, now keep this in mind, this is a fitted jacket. Yikes, so embarred we had to literally pull her out of it (she referenced skinning a cat haha)!!! But this good news is, I wanted it really bad, so I couldn't sell the one with the broken zipper and it became mine! I don't need to zip it up anyway ;)

Jacket: m.marie (currently out of stock), Top: Urban Outiftters, Necklace: m.marie (House of Harlow), Skirt: m.marie, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, Clutch: Precious Hands(coming soon) Rings:collection of vintage and House of Harlow

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