I LOVE rings, as you might have read in my about me section:)  When I was in college I started a collection of poison rings...sounds weird right?! I became obsessed with them after stumbling across one in an antique shop, and the craze began. "Do you have any poison rings" became a  frequent question asked to every antique shop I stepped in. Poison ring as defined by wikipedia:

Wikipedia definitaion : poison ring or pillbox ring is a type of ring with a container under the bezel or inside the bezel itself that could be used to hold poison or another substance. They became popular in Europe during the sixteenth century. [1] The poison ring was used either to slip poison into an enemy's food or drink, or to facilitate the suicide of the wearer in order to escape capture or torture.
wearing two of my favorite today ;)
My collection has grown slowly and I am completely and utterly obsessed with them. They hold a certain mystery that I find intriguing. Makes you wonder...

<3 M

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